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50% increase in business is just the beginning... "Since purchasing Peter Sun's products and following his strategies, we have increased our newsletter subscribers, paying members, and affiliates by more than 50%! We've seen amazing results already -- and we've only just started to implement his teachings! I STRONGLY recommend Peter's products and services to EVERYONE interested in running a successful business!"

James Hatfield


The range of skills and attitudes I have learned from BBI and Peter Sun, is large and diverse. Most importantly, Peter has hammered home core truths about our ability to develop ourselves by the use of application, knowledge, practice and persistence. I first started to really learn about direct response advertising and copywriting from Peter, some six or more years ago. Now I am a consultant in this field and have several customers who retain me on a monthly basis to handle all their work. BBI and Peter Sun also gave me the tools to effectively market my business, and other people's businesses, particularly through the use of effective copy - this is a life long skill, which will earn me tens and hundreds of thousands in the future. I think one of the outstanding distinctions about Peter is his whole-of-life integrity... he actually walks the talk... he is a living example of the fruits of a carefully chosen disciplined diet, emotional, and professional life, but Peter has his feet on the ground enough to stop and talk to those to whom life has dealt hard circumstances. I use the material I've learned from Peter Sun constantly, whether I refer to it in a manual, book or report, or whether it's something that I've gleaned from Peter during a seminar and has remained in my consciousness - to be activated when needed by the RAS!... I sometimes find myself thinking: "What would Peter Sun do in this situation"

Many thanks Peter for being an outstanding role model.

Peter Cutforth


I would just like to recommend Peter Sun's book and marketing seminar. Prior to meeting Peter I had been working in my business 70+ hours a week and not really making it any closer to my goals. He has shown me that I should be expecting real and immediate results from my marketing instead of simply sitting back and waiting for things to happen. This change in thinking has been a real 'eureka moment' for me.

Brett Geoghegan


Hi there Peter,

Well my story wouldn't fit on this page, however I will try to give you a brief testimonial.

I began to build a small business fro scratch back in 1997 called The Chilli Man based in Muswellbrook NSW. Our first year turnover was $35,000 then $69,000 and then I had the pleasure of reading some of your material and took my turnover from $69,000 to over $1,000,000 in less then three years without any machinery. We manufactured by hand chilli sauces and exported them all around the world and only had a staff of three people but we did have some good marketing that I used from one of your manuals. I will post you more details to explain it in full.


Brett Ephinstone


I've learnt a lot from peter sun in the past 2 years, he really knows how to explain something to the point without the confusion.

Dee Pabari


Great stuff! I used Peter's take on Joint-Venture marketing to make over $800 in a single hours of work doing a business deal. I very highly recommend his products if you want quick, practical ways to make more money - Thanks!

Peter J.


I still find it hard to believe how much I now know about marketing in such a short space of time and it is all down to Peter Sun and his excellent BBI Products.

About 2 months ago I held a 2 hour marketing consultation with a clothing manufacturer. He'd been in Business for about 8 years. When I followed up with the client a few weeks later he said that it took him nearly a week to recover from our session. Since then he has bought a larger production machine and literally has new orders appearing daily using just one of the strategies that I told him about.

Once you understand the simply strategies that Peter describes so well, you never look at a business in the same way again. Another business owner that I went to see, and who is now a very good customer, recently said that he was about to give up on his business before he met me. Now he has renewed his faith in his business and his ability to make it successful. All of this just because of a few simple strategies that I showed him how to implement. The marketing information is so good I even have other so called Marketing experts asking me how I get new business and How I help other businesses. Now that is a great tribute.

Steve Crane


Hi Peter Sun,

I have found your books and materials rich with ideas and am impressed with your enthusiasm and passion for helping businesses to grow

John Highland


After going to a Peter Sun talk I recorded my sales figures, this enabled me to target my best customers and improve my return.



I really want to Thank You for sending me some great helpful money making information in the last few weeks. I can't wait to get your emails. Thanks again for sharing your marketing information and knowledge.

Have Fun & Take Care
Scott Wilson InternetSalesMentors.com
"Who else wants to make more money, free up their time,and get to know their family again?"
If this sounds like you go to www.internetsalesmentors.com and download a fr~e e-book on time saving business strategies!

Scott Wilson, InternetSalesMentors.com


Clyde Bergemann Limited is a Glasgow, United Kingdom based mechanical engineering company involved in the design, manufacture and installation of sootblowing systems and solutions which provide on-load cleaning of all types of heat exchanger plant fired by the traditional fossil fuels, coal and oil.

The last few years has seen depressed markets (e.g. economic slowdowns) and from a management's point of view, new ideas and innovations had to be brought in and used by the company to allow it to remain and indeed exceed targeted growth. Some of your ideas we've adopted below are :

1. Windows of opportunity - From our customer database we saw that we had around 700 customers, but only dealt with, in any single year, around 250. We saw this as a fantastic opportunity to use the 'Window's of Opportunity' concept where we looked at every customer on a one to one basis and marked them off against the services we sold - this gave us opportunities. Additionally, we then went through all our customers and looked at 'What extra services that we don't provide at present, which we could if time and money was no object' The upshot of all of this was that we sold around an additional £0.5M pounds worth of goods and services and came up with 2 new ideas for services to offer to our client base. This contributed £85k to our profits in the first year.

2. Risk reversal - This is a new idea for our company where we go into a plant - e.g. a power plant and offer to fix their sootblowers and only pay when they are satisfied with our service. We provide a service which will eventually exceed all of the customers requirements and hence they pay for it. We find that you can make more money overall because you have taken the risk and saved far more money for the end user than they will be spent on the service - so it's a win-win situation. In addition, you build a special relationship with that customer and he will turn to automatically from then on. This can be an advantage when perhaps services are required which are beyond what you currently offer - the customer will turn to you for advice - he becomes a partner and will proved an income stream for as long as you proved service which is higher than he expects. We made an additional £200k sales with £45k of additional profit.

3. Testimonials - this really follows on from Point 2 where sister power plants have told each other about the 'risk reversal' strategy adopted by us and have asked us to come and see them. I guess the lesson here is that people talk to each other and pass good (and bad) information onto each other. I know we have asked people for contacts in sister companies so that we can speak to them and also for testimonials so that we can pass their good words onto prospective customers. We estimate that we have been referred 2 contracts at £100k new sales and £20k additional profits to us.

Hopefully the above can show that some of the strategies I have learned over the years apply to any business, not just for example, the direct marketing to consumers businesses. My company is an engineering company, but it has customers - just the same as any other business. How you manage the process of dealing with your customers is key to your business success.

Kind regards

Jim Fairbairn Managing Director, Clyde Bergemann Limited


I'm not sure if my story counts as a testimonial for your product, but I did attend the e-day that Peter Sun hosted over a year ago.

At that time I was keenly interested in learning about entrepreneurialism as I felt it was about the only pigeon hole that I could feel comfortable with. The discussion for the day opened my brain to an entire new world really. The discussion regarding Opportunity Creators and Consumers particularly stuck with me as that appears to be at the heart of the 'Next Step' for me. Unfortunately, I was a classic Opportunity Collector at the time and I had well and truly passed a reasonable limit of interests, so I didn't purchase the BBI S&M kit license.

Once again though, the day provided a great deal of nourishment for the mind of a somewhat uncertain and green entrepreneur. While I still have a long way to go before I reach my personal pinnacle (thankfully), I have no doubt that the insight provided during that e-day ignited a previously undiscovered creativity. I always read the latest message from BBI and occasionally check out the Web site with interest and have recommended you to others that appear to have a need for your product.

Alister McDonald


I spent the first 30 years of my working life with Local Government, the next years were permanent casual. My last job was subcontracting. You could say that " I saw the light " because after all those years being a paid puppet, It suddenly dawned on me that " I can do that for myself ". That was 12 months ago, and since then I have established myself on the Gold Coast in my own Business.

I didn't have the self-confidence before, but by taking that first step into the unknown world of self employment, I have overcome that ' it will fail in the first 12 months ' syndrome, to be increasing my business by 30% on my original Business plan. I am at the stage now where I need expert advice on how to better promote and expand my services to the wider public and Businesses. BBI appears to have the solutions and I would like to hear what has been a proven formula for them.

Mr. Darrell Johns


I am a new client of BBI North America.

While still in the early stages of learning the system, my testimonial is based on expected results for 2004. I expect my revenue to increase by 100% by year end. This does not include additional revenues from BBI consulting.

Kevin A. Roberts



As an attendee at the World Internet Summit 2004 I was fortunate enough to purchase Master and reprint rights to various products...These have been the best thing to emerge from the event and have greatly assisted us on the road to financial freedom and more importantly the lifestyle !! Thanks very much



Peter Sun, the wealth of information you provide is incredibly well presented and super-easy to follow. The case histories and examples are a great help in the understanding and application of the principles; and In a nutshell Words cannot thank you enough for the outstanding information you provide. God Bless You Peter Sun, kindest regards, Alan Mclean

Alan McLean


Peter, Thank you for your regular newsletters via email, they are packed with great tips & inspirational stories of success, I really appreciate them ! I have used your ideas to help set up a business plan , goals for the local Football club I'm involved with - www.wangrovers.com

Justin Kelly


I often get fantastic emails offering amazing tips and knowledge.

Nigel Muscroft


I always wanted to be an entrepreneur.

Not because of the prestige that it would give me, but because when I was at University a fellow student gave a presentation on "entrepreneurs" in which he said "entrepreneur's think differently". He was right, they do because the people I have meet in my life proves that the business people of today make some very fundamental mistakes. The knowledge gained from Peter Sun makes me think like an entrepreneur and not like the business people that I meet.

Rolf Pfotenhauer


I have found your 2 guides "Secrets of Writing Headlines that could make you rich" and " How to sell more with less effort on the telephone" a great resource for any business. We all know cold calling on the phone is not something any one likes to do, but your manual gave me lots of tips and information on how to prepare scripts and takes you through the whole process. It certainly gave me a lot more confidence when generating new sales leads on the phone.

Tony Leenen


My story is I have come from working in the hospitality industry (and hating it) to become manager in an accounting firm. It took me six months to achieve. Prior to working in the industry I had no accounting or office experience.



Marketing, Marketing, and Marketing. Test, Test, and Test.

These are the words of Peter Sun vibrating all over the nation. I have understood from his practices that to be successful in your business you need to be able to market yourself and deliver so much value!

Farhan Ishaq


I was first exposed to Peter's awesome ability back in the early 90's.

I bought his marketing success book and with that knowledge created a mail-order business selling profit-boosting products all around Australia. I sold $30,000 worth of products in a very short space of time and went on to consult to businesses directly. I was that impressed with Peter, that I grabbed a friend and went up to see Peter at his property in QLD. Peter was very obliging and he showed us more of how to build a successful consulting business.

John Morely



"I was reading the local paper when I came across a great ad inviting me to a BBI seminar, Me being a great one for perusing anything I can get my hands on I picked up the phone and dialed straight away to confirm my booking (and I highly recommend anyone else to do the same).

I turned up 2 days later to be greeted by a nice gentleman at the door of the seminar who welcomed me inside, to tell the truth I was a bit skeptical at this point but I am glad I did as what I have to say can and will change you life for the better.

As I sat in a room full of like minded people and heard the different strategies on offer and the benefits for my business, my mind started racing in all different directions. THIS system sounded too good to be true, Was this another one of those flyby night operations or not? I can honestly tell you it was NOT!

Your book really helped me to rethink the way I was operating and open my eyes to the fact that even with the best product in the world without proper marketing strategy it's impossible to survive.

The information I obtained from that event was overwhelming, so much so that I was up until 2am the following morning reading through all the material they had "Given me" another words no money, no obligation to purchase anything, FREE!!

The little that they had given me from there systems was like gold. I started the next day implementing some of the strategies into my own clothing retail business and I can tell you the results where immediate.

I had produced a "mock cheque" giving my customers $5 free to spend, no obligation to spend anymore and no strings attached. 90% of my customers that day spent the $5 and an extra $25 on top of that.

It cost me a mere $1 for ever customer, but made me a gross 62% extra in sales in 1 day, it turned window shoppers into paying customers, and paying customers into regular spenders within my business.

Following that day I haven't looked back and now my turnover per day is up 56% more thanks to the few little crumbs the BBI team had offered me.

The BBI systems are proven to work for any business and will work for you.
Thank you to the BBI team!

Craig Ansley, Wanganui, New Zealand


What a learning curve I have had in the past 3 weeks since meeting Peter and his team at BBI.

I have gone from working at David Jones as a sales assistant, knowing little about success systems of marketing, to having a hunger to apply the knowledge I have gained in the coming months. Next week is BBI training camp and I can't wait to advance my business beyond comprehension in the coming months. The experience so far has been invaluable and I still have a long way to go.

Steve Mendl


I have attended one of Peter Sun's seminars and it has changed my whole way of thinking as to how I can gain the life style I wish for myself and family.

Lea Evans


Hello Peter, Currently I have 35 clients who are mainly hairs salons and mechanics, most have the rewards for referrals program set up and running and are getting some great results. Several of those clients reported a 35% increase in their business within 90 days, furthermore their businesses are running much smoother with happier staff.

Derick Mildred


Sometimes the simplest ideas are the most effective. By getting back to basics and monitoring our results our business has grown out of sight. We are now considering licensing our business to others. We now spend time working on our business not just in it. Thank you

Arlen Dowdell, Fruit & Vegies On The Move


The first I received one of Peter Sun's BBI products from the World Internet Summit in Sydney, I felt a bit skeptical. I spent hundreds of dollars, rather my mother did, on information on how to start up a mail order business. This part I didn't haven't a problem with; what I did have a problem with was that most of the information was about commonsense business techniques that all businesses should be applying already. Only after a few weeks from finishing his products did I start to open my eyes and look at it in a different perspective. I soon realized that although the things that Peter Sun preaches should be common knowledge to all business owners, many were not applying them. Also after remembering what I learnt in business marketing, at Queensland University of Technology, provided some clarity on why Peter Sun's knowledge is worth more than any marketing degree.

Thomas Tiong



Alan Kirke


Hi Peter, I just wanted to write you a short note and say thank you so much for your excellent products. I've bought several of your books and videos during the years, and in my opinion they rank among the very best marketing products for both small business owners and larger companies. Your information is detailed, yet very concrete and easy to apply to a real-life situation. In fact I like your material so much that a few years ago I asked you if you'd allow me to distribute a couple of your free e-books. You were kind enough to allow me to do that, and since then I've sent out your excellent e-books to thousands of people on the Internet.

I first used some of the highly effective methods you share several years ago when I launched an off-line mail order campaign. Since then I've regularly read and studied your methods, and based upon my experience investing in your marketing products is one of the smartest moves I've ever taken.

Kind regards,

Klaus Dahl, Denmark


Peter's practical, down-to-earth approach is so genuine. His story is an inspiration. He delivers excellent information.

C.D. Walsh


Your products is great. No B.S. Just hard to the point, profit producing facts. Great work!!! Thanks!

John Refsdahl, Cutting Edge Productions


Hey Guys, Your product is really superb, really complete in-fact there happens to be none like it in town, this is no flattery but the TRUTH.

Mike Femi-Aina


After browsing through the E-Guide we are really looking forward to working with you, on our business. It is a very comprehensive manual and has already pointed out a lot of areas we are neglecting. I would also like to thank you for the gift we received and the service we have had from you has been greatly appreciated. Its a pity more people are not aware of this type of service as I am sure any business could benefit from this program.

Paul Pollard


At 14 I was asked to leave school. I have always worked 2 jobs my whole career. Now I own a Multi Award Winning Home Based Business offering Gift Baskets delivered locally & globally.

Colleen Bernard


Dear Peter, We often think that testimonials should be about great success stories that reflect great amounts of money being earned, this could not be further from the truth, even though those types of testimonials are on face value very appealing.

When a short time ago I cam across your products and seminars, I was in the midst of a long term depression and loss of motivation and self esteem. Something stirred in me after listening to your story and reading some of your material, I realized that my companions, depression, lack of self esteem, and loss of motivation, and I needed to part ways. I needed to dig deep and find new playmates, those that would become life long friends and together we could create a win/win life.

I am pleased to announce that I am on the road to my dreams and goals, not small ones I might add, and that today is a further step in the journey of return to riches. Thanks for your constant digging at the individual to become what they are designed for. We are created for Success, Engineered for Achievement And endowed with the seeds of greatness.


Wallis Pattisonn


Hi Peter I met you about 4 years ago at one of your seminars on the Gold Coast. I became a BBI licensee and have used BBI and your products for several years. I do not do a lot of one on one consulting but my company manages a program that assists unemployed people start their own new business. I integrate information and business marketing strategies from the BBI and Peter Sun materials into the overall training and mentoring of our clients.

Since 1996 my company has helped over 1000 people start their own new business. Our current success rate for clients setting up a new business that is viable within 12 months is about 70%.

The successful outcomes we achieve for our clients and the implementation of BBI strategies into my business has helped me help our clients to success and also to obtain over $3 million dollars in contracts. The materials work if the business owner works with it.

Rod MacKenzie


I have attended BBI's Business Mastery a full day seminar where I have understood that simple ideas work the best and I also learned with few really simple ideas how can I boost up my sales. For me the most interesting part was that I learned that the most important part of a message is the HEADLINE. I have also learned to set up joint ventures an alliances with other people. I also really enjoy BBI's new letter full of tips and good advises. Thank you so much ....

Zsolt Nagy


The Ideas and Strategies in BBI products simply just work.

People with experience in Sales and business are often surprised that we get at least 4-17 times the response from our marketing when using what we learned from BBI's programs. I would not start another business without applying BBI strategies from DAY 1. And I would recommend that anyone is business or marketing to forget everything you think you know and learn from as much BBI material as you can get your hands on!

Dyon Swanborough


Hi Peter

This has come a little early for me - give me a couple of months and I will have some good stories to tell!.

I started my business a couple of days ago, made 22 calls, got 3 appointments, saw two of them today, both qualified.

My success to date is that I have made one of the biggest changes I will make in my life, starting my own business, and I feel great for doing it. In my two days so far, I have made a few people laugh, learned a lot, helped a couple of people in a small way and been at home for family time.

Here is to a great future.

I look forward to hearing some of the great stories that others send in.




Peter's material is very good. He gets us back to be basics.

Ted Stewart


I've run my own businesses for over 20 years and a good part of that has been in the management training arena.

In re-establishing my small business consulting operations earlier this year I knew I needed tangible products to support the one-on-one coaching I provided to my clients. BBI has given me that in a complete range of written and video/CD material that not only covers the basics in plain English but, more importantly, produces immediate results. So far, in just two months, I've been able to generate enough interest to conduct three seminars, each of which has produced people wanting my services and wanting to know more.

David Floyd


As a business coach I have been supplying my clients with Peter Sun`s manual "How To Sell More With Less Effort Using Your Telephone" as part of their required reading. The manual provides excellent telephone scripts and sales procedures that every business owner should have.

Bob Lyon


Your short guide "Prospect without pain" was of greatest help in appointment setting for me. Now, since I'm at the beginning of my career, I feel even more fortunate to have gotten these explosive secrets that keep me ahead in the game. Thank you!

Milan Diokic


Your Knowledge and information you have given me has been fantastic.

I have generated so much new business from just talking to clients after listening to what they really want. If they can duplicate what they need to do in business to get ahead I will be very happy. A big thank you Peter

Allan Reid


After applying some of the knowledge I learnt from your products to my website www.ink-cartridge-refilling.com I have managed to grow my sales by 300%. All this was done in less than a month. I'm confident there will be further gains from some of the other techniques I've yet to implement.

Matt Eve


Hi Peter

My company helps people start up their own new business. Since 1996 we have assisted over 1000 people do just that. About 70% of our clients establish a viable business within 12 months. I integrate the BBI and Peter Sun materials into our training and mentoring and this has helped contribute to our successful outcomes. It has also helped me obtain over $3 million dollars in contracts. The materials work if the business owners seriously work them.

Rod Mackenzie, The Business College


Back in 2001 I bought some a package containing some very helpful information from Peter Sun Marketing.  After studying and learning his techniques I was able to help a friend who had a struggling lawn mowing business.  He showed me his ad's in the paper and I found his problem.  Using the examples I learnt from Peters products I was able to re write my friends advertising and low and behold... the morning the new ad came out he rang me to tell me he had had 11 calls for work before 8am.This was about 10 times more than he had been getting before.  It doesn't stop there, we changed his Yellow Pages Advertising to the same and after a little while he had to put on more workers to cope with the demand. He has now 6 men working for him full time and does not push a mower anymore, just concentrates on building his business with the purpose in mind of selling the business this October 2005.He has been able to earn thousands of dollars more from a few little strategies that Peter taught me. Thank you Peter. Bye the way my lawnmower friend has just celebrated his 70th Birthday and now has enough money to take his wife on their first overseas holiday.  My friends name is Doug Baker from Edens Landing.
Yours in success James A Gannon, Southport MWP.

James A Gannon


"I implemented the Peter Sun's BBI system into my contracting company in Wellington in March 2007, the latest figures for July 2007 are 52% up on the previous year for the same period. "

Tim Hobbs, Landscape Co NZ


"Using just two Peter Sun marketing templates we have created a data base of over two hundred and more than doubled our turnover and in some weeks trebled in less than two months."

Thomas & Gerry, Daddio's Restaurant North Island NZ


"The content of the seminar easily demonstrated the claims in the flyer. The presentation was professional,easily followed and proved entertaining. improve: I attended the seminar to evaluate its value for my sons.I have recommended it to them. I am too old to worry about the next time."

Tug Wilson


"Gave me some new ideas about how to do effective ad's."

Carol Davies


"seeing real local people who have achieved or are experiencing the results you have talked about in the seminar"

Sailosi Filihia


"I thought that the whole seminar was delivered in a very proffessional manner & the information was delivered succinctly, to the point & within a managable time frame. Thankyou to Peter and all the other licensees who spoke so candidly about their experiences.improve: I felt the delivery was exellent."

Marie McCosh


"Great speaker would attend seminar again made me so motivated"        

lexia Marshall


"Learned better marketing skills for my business"

Bruce Reilly


"I owned a business as a small bookseller for 23 years(not an easy area to be in) and just sold that a few months ago. My wife Diane and I are currently starting a new business so are not in a position to act as a mentor to others, however your seminar provided heaps of useful ideas that I wish I had known 20 years ago, but that I will use now as we develop our new business and life. I may well pass the details of your organization on to other friends who are in business and could benefit from your institute's advice. Many thanks for an inspirational and energetic day. improve: I responded to the advert in the mail box because it looked different from the normal fancy advertising blurb that arrives and because of my years in mail order bookselling before I recognized the format of the advert as similar to the old reliable mail order adverts so assumed you would be different from the usual boring business hype performances around today. I was pulled in by the hook of your offer. I presumed it would be worth the 10 hour return drive to Christchurch and - it was! "

Brian Miller


" I have always been able to see the bigger picture as far as making money is concerned. This seminar confirmed its existance and put it into very clear perspective. A win win for all people involved in using the system to create there own business and those who use the systems to improve the turnover in there existing businesses."

J R Manser


"Man i haven't laughed so much in a short space of time!! So that keep me interested in everything that was being said..."

Jaimee Wilson


"Peter an excellent speaker - entertaining. Loved his experience, knowledge and analysis of all that info, and very much appreciated him passing on his knowledge for us to help build our businesses. Exc to have the printouts in the booklet of the Powerpoint so we could concentrate on what he was saying rather than writing all the time."

Marilyn Muirhead


"I picked up many good ideas and as always enjoyed the opportunity to network with other like minded people. improve: Very little. I would only sugest you get people up and out of their seats a couple more times. The brain will only absorb what the bum will endure."

Nic Dale


"Very down to earth approach to everything. I was frustrated the whole time because I was torn between listening intently, taking notes and just trying to let the whole thing sink in without using up too much energy on listening or taking notes. Twas good though."

Chris McLay


"Thanks, Peter, Dmitri and team. Your seminar was great..as I expected it would be. Thanks, Peter, you are a terrific presenter, with vibrant and 'nice' energy. improve: Absolutely nothing. It was 'just right'"



"Liked everything, thought it was well worth it"



"Relaxed but professional presentation, venue, low sales pitch"




"It opened my eyes to the simplicity of helping others to succeed in their businesses, and how it's easy to become a consultant if you are armed with the BBI tools and education."



" I enjoyed Peter's down to earth presentation and hearing his story. Also enjoyed the other 3 presenters ..."

Jude Howard


"No nonsense, direct approach. Lots of information and stories."

Matt Doolan


"Great advice and marketing tips! thanks!! improve: Lunch"



"Food for thought. It gave me some other alternatives to consider. Well presented - perhaps a bit long, but you have a lot of material to cover. "

Jennifer Hunter


"I like how Peter Sun demonstrated in Laman terms, how easy it is... in this world of white collars and gold watches... to make money. Just a few simple rules to follow in this system, and hey "Presto". But the most important thing I did learn was that I needed to change my attitude towards health and mental re-alignment. There's only one person that can change my circumstance, and that is me. But the only downfall I did have on that day, was at the end of the session, when my gigantic 200 kilo frame of a shadow, moved towards to shake the hand of Peter Sun, then suddenly I realised how fat I was, standing next to Peter Sun. Man did my cloud cover that Sun!!(hehehe!) Peter you need to put on weight man, don't they feed you in Aussie. So I've enrolled myself into a health programme now, and have myself a membership in a gym alongside some good advice from "Fit for Life". I intend to get myself down to my goal weight, 92kg's. Read up strenuosly on your manuals and strategies, and to put it all into action. Thanks alot and we'll keep in touch ok Pete... Cheers"

George McCarthy Pearse


"Knowing there's many like me out there looking for another way to achieve our financial goals, very inspirational and motivating, there definitely is a light at the end of every tunnel. improve: None at this time-well done"

Rose Saul


"it was simple & effective improve: better seats"

Andrew Keast


"simple, stright forward.
Showed easy ways to improve advertising Friendly approch to the seminar.
Confirmed that you make more money,meet more interesting people if your POSITIVE. Which all the speakers where. improve: I only payed $49.00 for the seminar Ive learnt more in the 5 1/2 hours where Id expect to pay thousands for. Thank you"

Vernon Harney


"Well this is the first seminar I did not walk out of half way through, although I was waiting for the bottom line, I was totally caught up in what Peter was delivering. Today after I have been through every piece of paper from the pack given us and the CD,s three times in the last four days, I realized--it does make a difference when someone has done the hard yards as Peter has. It comese across to me different, cause I am also a person with similar experiences in life and then some due to which I have achieved every aspect of life and have attained happiness with my family--BUT only one area is lacking, my bank account. The impact left on me after the seminar was such that I have changed my eating habits that same evening, my wife has been instructed to change her life together with mine and already eating vegetable salads for three days since I feel like a millionaire and now will focus on using what Peter has Shared to achieve this. All the best to all BBI winners. Cheers Eugene improve: Hey if I knew then I would be the one giving the presentation. You guys do a fantastic job, free massages, excellent. Thank you for the opportunity to listen."

Eugene Rodrigues


"loved the positive energy you all showed and to realize that life changing experiences are so near is so exciting. improve: cant really criticise anything.i enjoyed the lot."

Peter Davison


"Positive approach and great marketing tips improve: Don't know about next time, but would have been great to have focused more on the headlines and the reasons why some were better than others. Cheers for the day"



"It held my interest for the whole time. Peter is an excellent & entertaing presenter."

Alan Hodges


"Love the possibility of creating 'independent' cash flow"

Julia Elcock


"The event was entertaining & practical. Keep up the great work!"

John Baan


"Entertaining, Informative, Direct, Honest and Open..."

Ra Atum


"I believe, that information provided would be relevant to any business owner"

Ivan Perich


"Very informative, extremely well presented and excellent refreshments"

Tony Martin


"Love the opportunity to make money and help others in the process"

John Papazisis


"Very informative, it opened my eyes to possibilities I had not considered before."

Michael Scott


"Like the information on creating opportunities for others and franchising."



"Like the fact that practical examples were given. It opened peoples mind to different ideas. Well delivered, good having two screens"

Sam Gentile


"Great to seeing the real people with real results"



"Love Everything about Peter's seminar! Excellent all round."

David And Sharon Bernard


"It was informative and entertaining"

Sheila Gawthorne


"It was fun, informative and demonstrated easily how one can develop a successful business in numerous ways with the help and support of those who have already achieved that success. Thanks, gratitude and respect... "



"I love the infomation flow, very logical all supported by business case studies - outstanding"

Shane Robinson


"What I like about seminar? - Honesty!!!"

Christine Denning


"I was very impressed with the simplicity that the concepts were delivered. No masters degree in marketing or business required. Simple, common sense, easily to understand information on how to improve my business"

Pam McLure


"Very practical - I've learned new techinques for my business"



"It was presented simply and honestly. There was enough info for any bus. person to use to improve their bus."

Arnette Vinden


"Love the energy of the event, ideas & opportunities presented - great! No B.S.!"

Deborah Baker


"Peter's event opens your eyes to a different world to the one that we live in everyday. What can you improve? more smoko breaks.....ha ha just kidding it was all good."

Vic Mitrevski


"Good information for building my own business"

Dr James A Evans


"Good value. Lots of good ideas to work more effectively. Staff was very friendly"

Geoff Adam


"The content was excellent. To improve: More in-depth information on how to implement these strategies." Unknown - "Would love to - it would take more then one day"

Peter Sun's Team.


"Very down to earth and more realistic no big talk"

Patty Savy


" Very motivational. Great marketing tips, strategies and examples."



"Informative, fun, easy to concentrate, valuable information"

Heidi Nagels


"The energy and humour from Peter and Dmitri was fantastic. Thoroughly enjoy the seminar."

Helen Servos


"Engaging, held my attention throughout. Rich in powerful insights and valuable pearls of wisdom. Peter has really perfected and refined his techniques and proven strategies and encapsulated them into an impressively effective leading edge marketing system. "



"Presentation excellent...Advertising tips appreciated, improve: more emphasis on how to advertise"

Ken Jones


"Very Interesting day. it open up my ideas about what is possible in marketing. Thank you"

M J Griffin


"Professional, to the point, kept to time, expanded and built on stategies our family has used in our family carpet business to improve and expand our business. Had the ring of truth to it that pressed the right buttons for me personally as it reflects my personal but limited experience thus far in life. Examples used illustrated what can be done if you take sytems a few steps further, and what this can achieve for a business in terms of profits. I am passionate about small business development and can see how this could improve the lives of so many people who have struggled for so long to build their businesses. I truly value family time and see the tools promoted by BBI having widespread impact on peoples businesses and lives and in turn their employees lives. I've seen too many businesses fail and the havoc that wrecks on peoples lives to not be interested in investigating BBI further."

Ineke Leask


"It was such fun and an opportunity
improve: 3 course lunch - seriously it was great.
If I was being picky I would say - at the multiple speakers point - could have been tidier.
Overall excellent - thank you very much"

Elizabeth Duncan


"Peter is a great presenter and I felt he was open and honest about the opportunity."

Dave Clarke


"I liked the professionalism of the presentation. A lot of useful information to go away and think about."

John Ambrose


"Hi i did enjoy the seminar and certainly did learn a lot about selling all the different aspects of sales improve: what can i say i certainly thought it was great presentation cheers"

Bruce Wright


"Presentation was easily understood and very informative"

Lucky Ngatuere


"Peter was entheausastic and spoke well from the heart and the other testimonies were genuine and clear."

Gary Masterton


"It was informative, especially the direct examples and comparisons given. improve: same information in less time! So slightly more condensed?"



"Found seminar excellent, as a failed businessman,found Peter excellent,going back into business world,this will help me greatly improve: Happly with everything,will be taking a lot of things from seminar and applying them"

Graham Stewart


" It was great. Practical advise from one who has built up business not just theory improve: Cant think of any improvements. It was interesting and thoughtful "



"I enjoyed the way Peter presented his ideas with humour, life experiences and case studies it made it very easy to take it and understand. improve: In this industry as well as many others, people skills are essential, I liked the way Peter asked us to get to know people in our vicinity, but in seats of 3, made this difficult for me since alot of people close ot me already were taking to someone, Maybe seats of 4 would of helped me, and also between breaks request people to move seats so that they have the opportunity to meet others with similar interests with in the room. The presentation was great, i enjoyed the day"

Stewart Ellis


"Liked ways to advertise, measurable systems"

Randall Uitendaal


"It was very thought provoking and inspired me to take a fresh look at the direction I want my life to move in. "

Lynne Graham


"Honest, open, easy to understand systems"

Sean Van Schalkwyk


To Peter Sun with Thanks

Myself and Andrea have been using your BBI  products for just over 1 year to drive our business with success and at the same time have using the products to show other people in business how through proven sales and marketing strategies they can do the same.

The rules are simple, so if you follow them you will be able to Get More Customers Get Them To Return More Often, Spending more each time. The Better Business Institute has also helped us meet like minded people who have the same goal in mind which as we see it is to work with business owners implementing effective, innovative, low risk, sales & marketing strategies, through optimizing your current systems, with little extra effort and little to no additional costs, we exponentially increase your sales, bottom line profit and overall satisfaction by getting more customers, who spend more, and more often.  100% guaranteed.

 Many Thanks

Kevin and Andrea Krsinic (Aug 2004) , Time Management Solutions


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