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Better Business Institute consultants are extensively trained in all areas of sales, marketing and business systematization. Usually with a professional background, every Better Business Institute consultant is consistently developing their skillset through an ongoing due diligence process involving regular in-house coaching, a rigorous reading regime and a constant focus on current business trends. Consultants are selected not only on their background, but their desire and commitment to helping businesses profit.

Better Business Institute consultants bring a new perspective and a diverse knowledge base to their clients, often showing them how to execute strategies from outside of their own industry to great effect. With the experience and guidance of some of Australia 's leading Marketers and Sales trainers, consultants are introduced to the potential of small business and discover the leading edge information.


What does a Business Coach do?

“The coach is not necessarily better than the player.”

Virtually every high achiever in every field of endeavour has a coach. If you look at golf for example, even the greatest player in the world, Tiger Woods, has a coach. The job of a coach is not necessarily to be ‘better’ than the student, after all, no one could possible know more about your business than you, it’s to bring a new perspective to your thinking. A business coach has the ability to provide you with that one idea, or strategy that can enhance your bottom-line dramatically.

If we follow the logic that thought precedes action and action determines the results we get, then clearly it is thinking that must change in order for results to change.

The way you have thought about your business in the past is the reason you have your results today. In order to change your reality, you need to change the way you think about your business. This is where a coach comes in. They bring a new perspective that can breath new life into a business at any level. Your Business Coach can work within a structured process that firstly looks at the 5 “turn-over drivers” which ultimately drive the profitability of all businesses no matter what industry or size. Some small businesses simply need more customers. Others have plenty of customers but don’t seem to be making any profit. Others yet again have both lots of customers and profit but running the business is a nightmare.

No matter what your situation, a Business Coach has been trained to identify your challenges and assist in solving them. Half the problem in many cases is that the small business owner just doesn’t know where to start to get on top of their business. It started out fine but now the dog is pulling them around the park and it’s no fun anymore.

In a nutshell, your Business Coach will assist you in giving your business a full medical. The first step is diagnosis, in which you will sit down and go through a marketing analysis program to help you discover the key marketing weaknesses in your business. Once this process is completed your coach will then show you the step by step process to :

  • Getting more of the right customers

  • How to turn lookers into buyers

  • Increasing the average sale value

  • Increasing the profit per sale

  • Increasing the number of time you customer buys from you

  • One hour business plan

  • Winning the customers heart

  • Getting the most out of your people

  • Image and branding

In plain and simple English, you will have the opportunity not only to learn the information, but we have created the system so that you can implement the information as you proceed. Your coach, will act as mentor, helping your weaknesses transform into your business strengths.

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What Qualifications do they have?

We have looked throughout the industry not finding any formal courses in Business Coaching so we sourced some of Australia 's leading business consultants and sales trainers, to extensively train you. Your Business Coach has completed a formal training course in the key aspects of Business Coaching. Your coach receives intensive training twice a week to attain the skills and knowledge that meets our high standards.

Here at BBI we have some of the most brilliant sales and marketing minds in the country in-house. (See “In the media”). We are constantly working directly with our Business Coach base providing specific advice on a case-by-case basis for small businesses all over the world.

We have also been able to pool the knowledge of our coaches and create a Business Resource Kit, which enables your consultant to use the successes of people in your industry, and discover the exact strategies that were used in that business. This powerful tool comes with strategies, advertisements and the wisdom of the Better Business Institute and its international network.

As you will see from the testimonials section, what we do works. What’s more, in most cases, all work is guaranteed.

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Are results guaranteed?

In most cases all results are guaranteed. Each Business Coach operates as an independent business in their own right and so it is important that you speak with the Business Coach that you want to appoint to find out exactly what the guarantee involves. We suggest that you check with your Business Coach that they guarantee to use every effort to achieve your total satisfaction.


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