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Small Business Kits

 Small Business Kit

This revolutionary new product will literally give your business  a complete make-over. 

Designed to cover all the important areas from getting more customers to systemising your business, to business strategy and everything in-between. This product provides you with all the essential information you need to make it happen.

These modules are also sold separately.

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The Small Business Kit includes:




 Rescue Kit

The Rescue Kit is comprised of 5 modules that have been based on the 5 turnover drivers. 

Each module contains a workbook and audio CD.  The modules are listed below - click on module names for details.

These modules are also sold separately.

Please click on the module names for details.


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 Survival Kit


The Survival Kit comprises of 6 modules focused on ensuring the viability and longevity of businesses.

Each module contains a workbook and audio CD.

These modules are also sold separately.

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The Survival Kit includes:

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 Modules - alphabetic listing 

 Business Strategy

This module concentrates on the unique selling proposition (USP) and the team of people required to deliver on that promise.

It helps the business clearly define (or redefine) their USP and ensure that it is tied to every aspect of their business.

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 Getting More Of The Right Customers

This module concentrates on defining a target market and gives strategies on how to reach that market.

It shows how to write effective copy and sales letters as well as how to design print ads that really work.  It covers telemarketing, phone skills and scripts.  Joint ventures and referrals are also covered in depth. 

This module contains enormous amounts of information, strategies and examples.

However it is only a selection of what is available throughout the range of Peter Sun and BBI products.

Note:  This is the only module that has 2 audio CDs.

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 Getting The Most Out Of Your People

This module focuses on how to develop a performance benchmarking system for your team as a method of getting the most out of your people.

It is an 8 step process based on the business strategy and gives an effective process for defining, measuring and creating your benchmarks and key performance indicators.

It also covers how to incorporate reviews and rewards.

This module contains the templates needed to put this process into practice as well as giving practical examples.

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 How To Turn Lookers Into Buyers

This module talks about handling different types of enquires including phone calls, walk-ins and promotional events.  It also covers the important aspect of outbound communication including phone scripts, quoted, mail outs and internet.  It shows an effective 6 step process on how to handle enquiries as well as providing sample scripts and quotes. 

The use of Guarantees and how they alone can be the mechanism to turn your looker into a buyer is also a practical part of this module.  It also looks at why a sale wasn’t converted so that a solution can then be incorporated into the strategy for handling the enquiry.

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 Image And Branding

This module defines image and branding and their relevance to a business.

It also defines their differences and gives a comprehensive process for defining the image and brand of a business in relation to customer service standards, customer relationship standards and physical standards. 

Brand promotion is also covered in detail.

This module is a simple and effective approach to an often difficult and costly exercise.

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 Increasing The Average Sale Value

This module covers in depth up-selling or cross-selling techniques as well as explaining in detail the power of packaging.

By increasing average sale value, the business will make more money or can make the same amount of money by serving fewer customers.

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 Increase The Number Of Times Your Customer Buys

This module shows how to calculate the value of a customer and explains how to set up a strategy for back-end selling including direct mail, email, faxing and telemarketing.

It also looks at the value of loyalty programs and affiliate programs and how all of these can lead your customer to buy more often which has a direct impact on the business profits.

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 Increasing The Profit Per Sale

This module shows how to calculate the gross and net dollar profit per sale as well as the gross and net percentage profit per sale.

The more profit that is made from each sale, the more that can be put towards covering operational costs, or a higher personal income for the owner as well as making more money available for re-investing to ensure future growth and development.

It specifically looks at the simple yet very effective strategies of price increases (including how to successfully differentiate products) and cost reduction.

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 One Hour Business Plan

This module is a great starting point for a business that doesn’t have a current business plan in place.

An integral part of this exercise is the SWOT analysis.

This 1 Hour Plan defines all the essentials of the business in a concise and simple manner and best of all only takes a short time to complete.

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This module is extremely comprehensive and shows how to identify, document, test, teach, update, control and track and measure your systems.

It also includes a large list of systems that can be taken and used as part of the strategic business development. 

These areas include:

  • Administration systems

  • Financial systems

  • Information technology systems

  • Legal systems

  • Management systems

  • Marketing systems

  • People systems

  • Product systems

  • Quality control or best practice systems

  • Risk management systems

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 Winning The Customers Heart

This module looks at the cost of getting and keeping a customer and how the retention rate can be affected by introducing a customer care program.  It also defines the difference between customer care and customer experience and has worksheets that can be used as templates.

You’ll also find 15 ways to nurture existing customers and 11 extreme customer care initiatives that can be applied to any business wanting to increase their customer retention

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