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Now anyone can get a steady source of leads and new customers and blow the lid off their sales!

 If you can use more new customers …. and I mean lots of new customers, I've got great news for you.

According to Peter Sun, there's this myth that high quality leads and new customers are easy to get. You know, just run an ad or two in the press, mail an offer to a rented list or put an ad on TV or radio and you'll be swamped with new business.

Unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth. These days the cost of media advertising, the declining quality of mailing lists, increased postage costs, and stiff competition, make getting new customers much more expensive and far more difficult than ever before. With people moving, switching to your competition, and dropping out of the marketplace as their interests change, you're faced with a monumental challenge:

Either keep bringing in a steady stream of new customers or risk going out of business. A foolproof way to get leads and bring in more and more new business. 

Fortunately, there is an answer.

Over the past two years, Peter Sun has developed, tested, and perfected, half a dozen powerful lead generation and sales strategies that produce explosive results. He has put these formats into a manual, with foolproof step-by-step instructions, appropriately called "More Customers".

Frankly, these deceptively simple formats work so well, you'll never again have to worry about getting all the new customers you need. In fact, many times when Peter used these formats for his clients, the flow of new business has been so immense, they simply couldn't handle it all at once … They literally had to stop running the program!

Be prepared, you may have to do the same. In fact, one of his clients who used these strategies had a $40,000 surge of sales the month he applied just one of them.

Just as important, these formats won't cost you an arm and a leg to use, either. Besides producing phenomenal results, they're dirt cheap to put into action. Here's the difference that makes this program so much more profitable than anything else you've ever seen, What makes the "More Customers" program so different, is that it took over four years and tens of thousands of dollars to develop, test and finely hone it into a winning system that will literally bring you more new business than you can handle.

Many times they've produced such massive responses that Peter's clients had to cut back their advertising in order to keep up with the flow of enquiries and new business.

Just look at these comments ..

"My ad generated all the interest in my practice. It cost $290. It generated over 100 responses with a 60% follow-up of paying clients."

Steven McInnes, Naturopath

"I am witnessing daily, businesses reaping the benefits. Peter's strategies and philosophies are essential."

Linda Echintelle, Manager of Business Enterprise Centre (BEC), Ballina

"I've seen a 30% increase in local business. That's $3,000 to $4,000 a week extra as the result of direct mail."

G.J. Singh - Mexican Restaurant

"In 2 weeks I earned more money than in the last 6 months. I increased my fees by 60% and am still getting higher sales than before."

Bis Mukherjee, Owner of Leading Desktop Publishing & Computer Business

"This manual is full of the facts that can make people in business more profitable. Peter Sun is a genius. If you are in any sort of business drop everything and read it."

Winston Marsh - President of Australian Speakers Association,
Owner of Business Growth Centre, Melbourne

"I have not seen any one person having such positive effect on our clients. Your input of proven concepts and techniques has awakened the spirit of our small business owners."

Paul Welsby - Manager of Bridging the Gap, NEIS Job Help Gold Coast
(a Rotary-based organisation to help unemployed people start a business)


And the best news is, the "More Customers" program is incredibly simple and
inexpensive to put into action.

You could easily have it up and running, bringing in new customers within a week, and your marketing costs are just a fraction of what you'd pay to run ordinary lead generation programs that get mediocre results.

Here's how to start boosting your profits right away:

Peter specifically designed this program to make sure you increase your sales and profits in the shortest time possible. These formats can be put into action immediately.

All you need to do is spend about 44 minutes watching the DVD and reading the manual that shows you how to put the system into action at once. Then, select the marketing format that best suits your business and kick it into high gear.  The sample formats work for any type of business. If you run a sales organisation, or if you sell by mail, it will work like crazy.

  • If you have a service business, it will grow your client list by leaps and bounds in record time.

  • Do you own a retail store? Then get ready for an amazing surprise, because this program will increase store traffic like nothing you've ever seen.

  • Are you a wholesaler, manufacturer or a professional? Well prepare yourself for a ride you'll never forget.

The fact is, this program is so powerful and so flexible, I can't think of a single business that couldn't get immense benefit from it immediately. The manual for this program is designed to get you up and bringing in more sales in record time.

After quickly but thoroughly showing you why these lead generation formats work so well, Peter gets right down to clear, step-by-step instructions on precisely how to use them in your business. Here are the big advantages you'll gain by using this program.

  • You'll see how to create a dirt cheap mailing to get past the secretary or receptionist and straight into the prospects hands. (This one is really sneaky.)

  • You'll learn how to get an appointment with the CEO of any size company. In 2 out of three cases they'll be ringing you wanting to speak to you about what you've got to offer. (Peter has had a 75% success rate with this strategy.)

  • You'll discover a low-cost way to design your ads to get your phone lines flooded with people wanting to buy your products.

  • You get a simple phone strategy to turn ‘price shoppers' into profitable sales and get rid of the time wasters that suck up your selling time and make you no money.

  • Plus 11 ways to get past the secretary and to the decision maker when calling new prospects.

  • You get 14 proven ‘attention grabbers' together with the actual wording to use in your sales letters and lead generation campaigns. You'll be able to use these to become one of the few people who can always get their letters read and remembered. (This is great for boosting your phone follow-up.)

  • You'll see a unique three-step mailing sequence that regularly gets as high as 62% appointment rate with targeted prospects. Plus you'll discover an amazing way to duplicate yourself and your profits - without adding extra sales people or overheads.

But that's not all.  Here's what else you get as part of this program:

  • Actual samples of promotions as they were sent out.

You'll see the ad and sales letter layout, the way the envelopes are addressed and the actual envelopes used. Even how the letters are folded. This way you'll be able to see and feel each lead generating format, so that you'll make no mistakes when adapting it for your own business. (As far as I know, no marketing strategy package has ever been presented in such an explicit way.) You'll generate more high quality leads than you ever dreamed of by using Peter Sun's powerful formats. Not only do you get to see the actual samples of each of the advertising pieces he actually used to generate tons of leads and new business for his clients, even all of the copy is there word for word, and each format is laid out and explained in full detail for you to copy.

It even has 'foolproof' directions for customising all the formats to gain maximum advantage for your own business. The examples Peter uses in the manual to illustrate the techniques, are the actual pieces he used in his own and his client's businesses. To make sure they'll work for your business, he created detailed instructions that take all the guess work out of customising them for your particular business. You get all the details on how to customise all formats for retail, manufacturers, business-to-business, professional and service businesses.

Nothing is left to chance.

Using the manual and the DVD, you can adapt each format to the specialised needs of your own business in less than an hour. You'll start pulling in more sales and profits super fast. The manual for profiting from these formats is lean, tight, and right to the point. Peter doesn't waste your time with a bunch of fluff. What you do get are lead generation formats and the exact instructions for using them to make the most money for your business.

You'll discover how to get prospects to actually pay you to have their name added to your house list. This technique eliminates all your costs and turns lead generation from a losing proposition to a lucrative profit centre. Proven in the trenches, you'll love what it does for your bottom line!

And even that's not all Peter has put together here! In addition to all of the above, you'll be getting three very special bonuses.

  • Bonus #1. Peter Sun's exclusive interviews with 4 of the World's top marketers.

You'll hear in explicit detail what strategies they have found most effective to pull in new business and generate leads in some of the toughest markets and slow economies in the world. That's almost two hours worth of advice at $1,000 per hour FREE. They cover strategies for retailers, professionals, and even manufacturers and service industries. This alone is worth many times your investment in this program.

  • Bonus #2. Secrets of writing headlines that could make you rich.

A headline, or opening statement, is 80% of the success of your marketing campaign or sales pitch. This report gives you precise instructions for writing headlines that really work. Plus you'll see over 361 proven headlines that have made millions of dollars in sales.

  • Bonus #3. A results analysis folder where you can analyse the results you get from all your campaigns.

Peter's "secret weapon". According to Peter, this tool alone has at least doubled his client's sales results within 6 months and will do the same for you. So, here's the bottom line! Peter's new customer and lead generation strategies program is great value. After all, if you were to hire him in person to create any of these powerful lead generation formats for your business, it would cost you a minimum of $6,500 plus a share of the extra sales. Together, these formats represent at least $18,700 worth of value.

In addition, you don't have to do any costly testing to prove these formats work.  

He has done all the work for you by investing tens of thousands of dollars to test, fine tune, re-test and perfect these formats. You're getting the exact formats and word-for-word copy Peter has used to triple the profits of his own business and exponentially grow the profits of at least four of his clients.

All you have to do is test the formats on a small scale to find out the best one for your business and then sit back and watch the profits roll in. Finally, there's one last thing to consider. Getting over $18,700 worth of value is great, but the crucial factor is what it will do for your business. What's it worth to you to be able to generate all the new business you can handle whenever you want to? I can't put a dollar figure on that. Only you can. But I can tell you this, that kind of powerful advantage is truly invaluable.

For on-going support and advice if you need any help implementing any of the strategies in this program, simply pick up the phone and call your licensed consultant or fax them your sales promotion, letter or ad. The fact is, if you have salespeople, or use letters, ads or the phone to get new businesses - this program is the best investment you'll ever make. 




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