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 How To Make Maximum Profits In Minimum Time

A new breakthrough in marketing for small to medium size business can now bring you huge profits at very little risk! 

This totally new and scientifically based approach to marketing can now be used by any business to:

  • Get new customers

  • Increase sales to existing customers

  • Overcome `price shopping' and increase profit margins on every sale you make

Here's an example of what one business owner had to say after applying Peter's techniques:

"We spent $10,000 in a year on marketing consultants with NO RESULTS! I used some 'Peter Sun theories' and got an increase in income of around $40,000 for one month."

Frank Kaslik, Newcastle

You can see the ad and strategy that generated this increase on page 57 of Peter's new manual "How To Make Maximum Profits In Minimum Time".  In fact his manual is full of practical examples any business can adapt and use with very little cost or effort. 

Many profitable examples for you to model.

You'll see how a Gold Coast retailer generated over $15,000 extra in 2 days with a new approach to newspaper advertising. (See his ad on page 25 of this manual.)  Or the jeweler who took $143,000 in sales in less than 2 months with a direct mail campaign to his existing customers. His previous results, using his old techniques, were dismal.  (You'll find this letter and strategy on page 20 of Peter's manual.)

There are over 39 proven ad and letter examples for you to use but that's not all.  Here's what else you'll learn in this new marketing manual:

  • How to turn $200 into $16,000 in less than 14 days with effective ads.

  • How to steal customers from your competitors using a little known direct mail technique.

  • How to get $15,000 worth of FREE advertising for your business each year.

  • 15 easy ways to keep your customers coming back - and spending their money with you.

  • The amazing secret of getting new customers for your business.

  • How to use cheap classifieds and two-step marketing to make up to $10,000 a week in extra sales.

  • How to turn price shoppers into profitable sales - even if your prices are higher than your competitors.

  • How to make an extra $100,000 a year publishing your own newsletter.

  • How to market your products to the world using the Internet.

  • The 7 deadly marketing mistakes - and how to avoid them.

Plus over 35 examples of successful ads, letters and promotions you can apply in your business. This manual is a great start for anyone serious about building their business, increasing their profits and enjoying the lifestyle that goes with it. Pays back many times your investment!

If you spend more than $500 per year on any sort of ad or promotion (and what business doesn't?) - this manual is the best investment you'll ever make. It'll pay for itself the first time you use the strategies revealed to you.

What others say:

"We got 168 new customers in 2 days & our customer club is giving us more repeat business.  Your gift voucher idea is also getting us lots of new customers."

Steve Silansky, Cafe Goodness, Niecon Plaza 

"I got 16 jobs worth $44,870 in the first 4 weeks after mailing out 897 letters. Your idea of attaching a dummy cheque worked."

Brian Morris, The Publicity Agency, Sydney 

"The systems work and my clients can see the results happen quickly. The best thing is the step-by-step program that we can follow."

Phillip Scandizzo, Accountant and Business Development Adviser




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