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 **Marketing Strategies For Your Accounting Practice

Now you can successfully increase the profitability of your practice without having to spend months and months of your time!

When Peter Sun was actively consulting, he did a series of seminars for accountants in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide. As a result of these seminars, he was commissioned by a large Melbourne-based consultancy firm to create a system for increasing the profitability of accountancy practices. A system which would include everything an accountant would ever need to get new clients, increase referrals, get more work from existing clients and be able to charge higher fees.

The sort of manual you’d normally only see in the very best sales and marketing companies.

And that’s exactly what Peter did. Create a marketing system any accountancy practice could use to increase their profits. Here’s what you get:

Samples of proven ads, letters and strategies and the instructions on how to use them.

The ads, letters and strategies in Peter’s system are divided into 8 sections.

Sections #1 & 2:

An introduction to becoming a marketing oriented accountancy practice.

  • Why most accountants limit their potential for growth and how you can avoid it.

  • The four major advantages to systemising marketing of your accountancy practice. The 2 essential keys to your growth.

  • How to add value to your services and increase your fees without losing clients.

  • The 12 elements of an effective plan.

Section #3: Strategies for getting new clients.

  • An absolutely fool-proof way to generate a flood of new client enquiries.

  • On page 11, you’ll see an actual newspaper ad you can copy.

  • How to handle “How much do you charge?”

  • Why you should never tell a caller your fee structure when they ask for it.

  • How to avoid wasting money on ineffective promotions and ads.

Section #4: Getting new clients in Specific Industries.

  • 4 proven ways to reach specific clients.

  • A $1 mailing that’ll practically force potential clients to call you.

  • An actual ad you can put in trade journals, or use as direct mail.

  •  A tested letter that is guaranteed to get people to call you.

  •  5 different Yellow Pages ads.

  • The 7 most powerful reasons why someone should use your accountancy practice.

Section #5: Strategies for increasing profits from four existing clients.

An often overlooked area of extra profit potential for your practice. In this section you’ll learn ...

  • How to segment your clients to maximise your profits.

  • How to use your client database to keep in touch with clients.

  • The 6 essential things you must do, to increase the profits in your practice.

  • 17 easy to implement strategies for nurturing your existing clients.

  • How to change your focus from tax compliance work to business advice.

So, how’s it sounding so far? Pretty impressive isn’t it? Imagine having the confidence of knowing that anytime, anywhere, you can generate all the business you can handle and get it at higher fees than you are getting right now.

However, that’s not the end of it. Look at what else Peter put into his system:

How to get referrals.  We all know that “word of mouth” or referrals are the best source for getting new clients so now you’ll learn a system to foster referrals.

Section #6: Client Seminars and Workshops.

This is a great way to build closer relationships with your clients and introduce new clients to your practice.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this section of Peter’s Accountancy Systems manual:

  • How to put on seminars and workshops even if you never want to speak yourself.

  • 5 of the most effective workshop topics you can do.

  • Two sample letters you can send to your clients inviting them to seminars and workshops.

  •  3 sample newspaper ads for you to use to get potential new clients to your seminars.

  • Telephone scripts to handle enquiries, and follow up letters.

And that’s not all.

Section #7: How to use client testimonials to enhance your credibility.

  • The 3 ‘right’ ways to ask and get all the testimonials you need.

  • What you want your testimonials to say about your practice and the service.

All-in-all, there are over 57 actual examples of ads, letters, telephone scripts and specific strategies you can use to increase your practice profits.

You’ll also be getting an additional 3 FREE Bonuses worth hundreds of dollars. Including:

  • FREE Bonus #1. Samples of all the letters and ads on disk.

  • FREE Bonus #2. How to promote and market your accounting practice. Transcripts of two one hour consultations.

  • FREE Bonus #3. Marketing opportunities for accountancy practices. Audio-tapes of a two hour seminar.

What other have said...

“Your marketing systems for an accountancy practice has become the marketing plan for our firm. The manual is our ‘marketing expert’ and saves many hours with the prepared scripts and ideas. “

Robert Bauman, Bauman & Furlong Accountants, Brisbane

“Your marketing package has been getting excellent results for my practice and my clients. It’s as if I had a marketing expert sitting in my office. Any time I need an ad, a sales letter or just an idea for my clients,
I go to your marketing package.”

Andrew Maggs, Certified Practicing Accountant, Qld




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