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 How To Sell Your Business, House, Car Or Boat Faster And For More Money

This program consists of a comprehensive workbook, 2 audios and a video.

The price youíll get for anything you are selling largely depends on how good you are at selling it, and the most important part of the sales process is the ad. If you get enough people interested in what you are selling, someone will pay your price.

Itís a numbers game.

The best way to write an ad thatíll sell like crazy, is to sell the benefits of what the prospective purchaser is looking to buy. Thatís the way you should be selling anything. Now you could figure it out all by yourself, and with a little bit of practice, create the sort of ads I am talking about. But quite frankly, why bother when I have done it all for you and saved you the time and hassle?

Over 48 specific ads that are proven to sell!

You see I have collected over 48 of the most powerful ads, follow up letters and strategies used to sell businesses, houses, cars, computers and anything else you are ever likely to want to sell. These ads have already sold millions of dollars worth of assets, and I am giving you the licence to copy, adapt, alter and use any of these ads in any way you wish. Thatís right, even though these ads are proven and tested to work in any market, you can copy and use them to your heartís content. (The only thing you cannot do, is to re-sell these ads to anyone else.)

Thereís more. So much more, Iím not going to be able to cram it all into this page. In fact there are over 48 other ads, letters and strategies you can use. Itís an impressive package, and the ideas, ads, techniques and specific marketing plans revealed within this package might as well be labeled a ďBlueprint For Making MoneyĒ.

But how much is all this really worth to you?

Well, how much do you feel it should be worth? The cost of just writing all the ads alone runs into the thousands of dollars. A franchise owner sold a $350,000 master franchise with one of the ads you are getting. Just to write one of the ads would probably take you an hour or two, and if you can sell your property or business in one day, rather than one month, that alone would have to be worth hundreds, if not thousands of dollars to you in time saved.

Sell Your Property For More

What if you could get 5%, 10% or even 20% more than the market price by using one of the tested ads?

How much would that be worth to you?  I am sure you can see this is a very valuable collection of ads and ideas, but we are not asking you to pay even the $1,500 Peter Sun charges to write just one of the small ads in this package.

Order now before you cost yourself money and time.




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