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 **How To Earn Up To $30,000 A Month With Low Budget Direct Mail Projects

You’ll be surprised at how easy it could be to earn as much as $30,000 a month from your home … if you know the secret formula the experts use to get RICH.

You can live your dream and design the lifestyle you want with direct mail. No doubt you’ve heard of people who started with just a few dollars and ended up making a fortune in the mail order business. Fortunes have been made, and are still being made in this business, by people like you. People with a dream and a desire to make money without becoming a slave to a job or a business. It’s not surprising people are saying that operating a direct mail business is the ultimate way to earn an income.

The Secret Behind The Mail-Order Success

While it’s true that fortunes can be made in the direct mail business, most people who get into this business fail miserably for one simple reason - they don’t know what they are doing!

You see, most people getting into business rely on out-dated books and advice from so- called ‘experts’ who make their living giving advice.. .this can be a fatal mistake because if you really want to be a success at anything, find someone who is successful at it right now.

A Real, Live Mail Order Success Story

On September 27, one of the most successful husband and wife teams in the direct mail business today shared their secrets of success with attendees of a $6,500 marketing seminar in Key West, Florida. During this session, they revealed their blueprint to achieving success in direct mail in any country.


  • How to roll out a profitable direct mail project, starting with less than $1000!

  • How to find or develop the ultimate direct mail product.

  • How to know before you start whether any project will be profitable.

  • How to get credit card payments processed (even if you don’t have a merchant account!)

  • How to identify a ‘ripe’ market, and where to look to find the best mailing lists.

  • Why starting on a limited budget almost always means a better chance of success.

  • The most important word you need to know when getting into the direct mail business!

  • How to earn as much as $35,000 in one hour at seminars.

Plus, an amazing plan so simple, yet so powerful, that almost anyone starting with a $1,000 budget could be making up to $30,000 a month in less than a year!

You’ll learn all this and more. But that’s not all! Along with their amazing presentation, they provided a workbook and IBM software vital to the success of any direct mail project.

Plus they included a specially developed ‘Checklist’ showing the easy way anyone can use to make up to $30,000 a month!

Success can be yours too!

Now, for the first time ever, you can get …

  • The complete uncut DVD and CD showing you ‘How to Earn up to $30,000 a month with low budget direct mail projects
  • The Seminar workbook.



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