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  Advertising Magic

The complete guide to creating hot ads and sales letters that work!

No matter what you say in your ads and your letters, you’re paying the same amount of money to print and mail them, or to buy the space, whether you make any money or not.  Brian’s “Advertising Magic” course is like suddenly taking a crash course on how to legally suck all the money you can from your prospects, and having them beg you to do it again and again!  Brian is one of the top advertising writers in the business. He’s written blockbuster ads for people like:

  • Ted Nicholas (author of “How to Form Your Own Corporation For Under $75”).

  • Gary Halbert (author of “How to Make Maximum Money in Minimum Time”).

  • Robert Allen (best-selling author of “No Money Down Real Estate”).

  • Peter Sun (Home-based mail order and marketing consultant).

  •  Jay Abraham (multi-millionaire marketing consultant).

  • Ted Thomas (quick-turn real estate expert), and

  • Stephen R Covey (N.Y. Time’s best-selling author of “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People”).

Here’s just a bit of what you’ll learn from Brian’s “Advertising Magic”

  • Brian’s simple checklists which remind you of every one of his hottest tips!

  • How to get “in the mood” to crank out hot ads whenever you want.

  •  20 guaranteed ways to increase readership and response to your sales letters and ads … without touching your current copy!

  •  The absolutely essential first three things you must do before you attempt to sell anything to anyone!

  •  The real reason people choose to buy anything - the secret truth long-known by master salesmen, sociologists and “con-men” - finally revealed!

  • You get over 40 pages of exact word-for-word samples of sales letters that brought in millions, and how to adapt those same letters for your own business!

  • The 32 most important questions you need to ask yourself before you can really start to pile up the profits from your advertising!

  • The 9-step formula that even an illiterate drop-out can use to write advertising copy 100 times more potent than the best Madison Avenue ad agency!

Let’s sum up what you get:

Brian’s complete “Advertising Magic” manual - 332 (8” x 11”) type-set pages of power-packed information that reveal his secret system for writing powerful ads over and over again … including samples of proven, money-making letters and ads that Brian has written for himself and others. It also includes Brian’s hottest, easy-to-follow money-making ideas and his secret creative system that makes it all happen with almost no effort.

Six audio-cassettes revealing how you can implement his system and how you can get the most out of it - starting TODAY. Plus more tips on producing headlines, offers, guarantees and ad copy that really works!

PLUS, Brian will be going over several of the sample letters in line-by-line detail on cassette #6! He’ll reveal the thinking behind each of these money-making sales letters and ads so you can learn to do it yourself!

A brand new 60-minute DVD of a powerful and entertaining presentation Brian did at a Robert Allen Wealth Retreat revealing his simple (yet blusteringly powerful) formula for advertising success!

But that’s not all. As a special favour, Brian has sent me a big, fat book full of his most successful ads and sales letters.

266 Pages of Sample Ads And Letters

There are over 266 pages of ads and letters and every single one has made a profit for its owner. When you order from your licensed consultant, ask for “The Big, Fat Beefy Book of Letters and Ads” to be included with your order.

What others say ...

“$500,000 in Sales from a Single Letter”

“Brian is absolutely the very best. that’s why he writes my sales material. A 16-page sales letter Brian put together has brought in over $500,000 for us in the past months. Those kind of results can happen only when someone knows how to write hot ads.”

Mike Enlow, a top private investigator who now makes millions of dollars marketing on the Internet

“Advertising Magic Delivers”

“So many times l’ve purchased programs that left me hanging. No way to check if I was doing things correctly It’s like all they wanted was my money. They weren’t really interested in my success.  Not you though! You’re committed! Advertising Magic over-delivers on your promises!”

Walt Fifer, Health Products Retailer, Boulder, Colorado

CONTENTS: 328 page manual, 6 audio cassettes, 1 video and
The Big, Fat Beefy Book of Letters and Ads.




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