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 Restaurant Marketing Made Easy

Introducing “Black Belt in Restaurant Marketing” program.

The program contains explosive and practical marketing and sales strategies for Restaurant, Café and Takeaway owners…

STOP everything you are learn how you too can become expert in this area and turbo-charge your BBI consultancy.

First adopters of this program include the famous Mark Strang (restaurant owner and new BBI distributor) from Auckland , New Zealand :

"I sent out one advert promoting my restaurant functions. In one week I've confirmed $15,125.00 in bookings. I have had a strong spin-off for just normal lunch and dinner bookings I've also negotiated a function that will be in excess of $10k....unbelievable! Implemented the 'FM' offer from this manual today to our immediate target market. The café phone and my e-mail ran red hot with bookings... "

Mark S, Auckland , New Zealand

The program contains -

Comprehensive manual

  • With over 100 pages of pure restaurant marketing genius, the result of 15 years of Peter Sun’s working with clients, collecting the best “killer offers”, scripts, ads, promotions and marketing angles. In this manual you will find business case study of complete turn-around – money loosing restaurant was turned into cash-driven profit machine within 1 month.

  • Included in this manual is the workbook that is designed to be used in conjunction with DVD’s. This will leverage your effort as you don’t have to spend all this time with the client, explaining the basics of marketing concepts, instead you can focus on customizing pre-created templates of promotions – see CD-ROM’s bellow.

  • Also – in manual never released before – the gem of Peter Sun’s library – complete restaurant marketing system, inclusive of ground breaking transcription of the interview with Peter’s restaurant client.
    And if this is not enough – there are examples of winning ads, that took years and a lot of money spent to develop and to proof their viability.

Set of 5 DVD’s

  • Live recording of Restaurant Marketing Seminar in Auckland with top minds of the industry sharing their secrets and Peter Sun explaining step-by-step process of turning a donkey into the high-end thorough breed.

  • A profitable restaurant business that runs on autopilot and can be sold for handsome profit. That should be your goal!


  • Includes templates of winning menu’s, customer-pulling coupons, and other low-cost high-impact promotions. The good news is that you or your client doesn’t have to re-type them – it’s all done for you. Add your customer’s logo, name and contact details – and you done!






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